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For more than 30 years, WorldWater & Solar has been providing Clean Water and Clean Energy solutions to millions of people by delivering solar power and clean water to those in need and are now offering their technologies and solutions to the public and entrepreneurs worldwide.

Now you can help to improve and positively impact lives by providing your own water purification services to billions of people simply by operating your own business. WorldWater™ & Solar’s QUENCH division invites you to be part of our market-leading solution to solving one of the greatest challenges faced around the Globe – Access to CLEAN WATER.


~ Do well by doing good in the world ~

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We are making our special Solar Powered Water Pumping and Purification Equipment available to entrepreneurs, business opportunity seekers and organizations that see the tremendous need to own their own water purification equipment driven by the sun. You’ll be operating your own purified water vending business.

Benefits Include


Owning your own self-generating Mobile solar power and water pumping, desalination & purification equipment creates an opportunity to earn significant profits. Financing is available.


Provide water & clean power across a variety of applications and industries including relief and humanitarian aid, sporting events, agriculture and farming, sporting events, beaches and schools across towns and Cities Worldwide.


You have the chance to own or lease exclusively in your own territory the mobile solar-powered water pumping, desalination and purification units that can be deployed and positioned almost anywhere, anytime.


Low initial cost and Rapid Return on Investments (ROI) examples for your solar powered water business using WWST equipment are available on request. Just send us a note and we’ll tell you more!

A unique business opportunity for those who want or need to purify water and get paid for it.
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We encourage you to establish your own solar powered water purification business, create your own hours and enjoy your own freedom while saving & improving the lives of those in need. Perhaps the most rewarding opportunity you’ll find worldwide.

WorldWater & Solar Technologies’ Quench division offers Business Opportunity Seekers the chance to provide life’s essentials to those in need and a chance at realizing rapid returns and pay-backs on investments in as little as 2 months while fulfilling the needs of a variety of local and global markets for pumping, purifying desalination and irrigation.

Patented technologies are found in all their carefully designed mobile units including the Mobile MaxPure™, Mobile MaxClear™ and SHEPS™. They offer this instant infrastructure, fast deployment and mobility. Quench Solar researches and provides water purification and desalination information as well as sales channels for individual and businesses.

"As you read this, billions of people around the world do not have access to clean water & clean energy. Life’s most critical needs."
David Hammes

Mobile Solar Products

Select Solar Powered Water Purification Systems

Mobile MaxPure
Mobile MaxClear
Solar-Hybrid Expeditionary Power & Purification System


If you are in search of a gratifying and highly rewarding business that you can operate on your own time, WorldWater & Solar’s QUENCH is your answer.