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Quench Water & Solar

Everyone deserves clean, safe and reliable drinking water.

Yet, everyday, more people find that clean water is inaccessible due to failing infrastructure, natural disasters, biochemical outbreaks, and more. It’s an unending problem, unaffected by booming economies and outside aid.


billion people globally lack access to safe, clean drinking water.


of global waste water is dumped into the environment, mostly untreated, affecting much of the fresh water sources around the world


people die each year due to diseases originating from drinking water


half of the global population will live in water stressed areas by this time

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Licensing with Quench Water & Solar means you’ll be the owner and operator of cutting edge, clean energy technology. As a water innovator, you will provide your communities and customers access to the clean and affordable water they desperately need. This means that your success can make communities resilient.

Benefits Include


Low initial investment and high profitability enable rapid return on investment (ROI) for your water-as-a-service business. Make back your investment in as little as six weeks!


Work where you want, when you want, and how you want. You decide the cost of your purified water and charging station sessions. Licensing gives you the flexibility to operate your business in the way that’s best for you!


Choose a location, then operate and market your business exclusively in that area. We monitor all licensee locations to ensure that there is no competition amongst branches.


No technical or solar experience required to own or operate your unit. Systems are user-friendly and require little maintenance over the life of your business. In-person and online training, as well as operations manuals and videos, are included with system purchase.


Provide clean water & power to individuals, families, businesses and communities. Your Quench Water & Solar unit allows you endless business opportunities: You can have customers come to your location to charge their electronic devices and fill up jugs of water; You could deliver water to homes and businesses; You could even purify waste water for company’s who’d need you daily; and much, much more!


Success means being unique! The use of diesel fuel for pumping water and creating energy, and selling pre-packaged water at fixed prices are the norm. Quench Water & Solar allows you to own a business that is less expensive, more efficient, and more profitable than any of your competitors. Your business is even better for the environment and more affordable for communities. What could be better?!

To be the solution to the water crises affecting your communities,
all you have to do is invest in yourself.
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Mobile Solar Products

Select Solar Powered Water Purification Systems

Mobile MaxPure™
Mobile MaxClear™

We encourage you to establish your own solar powered water purification business, create your own hours and enjoy your own freedom while saving & improving the lives of those in need. Perhaps the most rewarding opportunity you’ll find worldwide.

WorldWater & Solar Technologies’ Quench division offers Business Opportunity Seekers the chance to provide life’s essentials to those in need and a chance at realizing rapid returns and pay-backs on investments in as little as 2 months while fulfilling the needs of a variety of local and global markets for pumping, purifying desalination and irrigation.

Patented technologies are found in all their carefully designed mobile units including the Mobile MaxPure™ and Mobile MaxClear™. They offer this instant infrastructure, fast deployment and mobility. Quench Solar researches and provides water purification and desalination information as well as sales channels for individual and businesses.

"As you read this, billions of people around the world do not have access to clean water & clean energy. Life’s most critical needs."
David Hammes


If you are in search of a gratifying and highly rewarding business that you can operate on your own time, WorldWater & Solar’s QUENCH is your answer.