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  • Longest operating solar systems engineering company in America

  • 30+ years of experience in 30 Countries globally

  • Highly cost effective

  • Reliable & efficient power & water

  • Solar pumping up to 600 hp

  • Capable of pumping 1,000 gallons (3,800 liters) of water per minute

  • Will pump water from over 1,000 foot wells

  • Electricity bill reduction

  • Reduce/Eliminate dependence on diesel fuel

  • Low maintenance

  • Quiet & pollution free CO2 reduction

Our Projects

Turning the Desert Green

  • 70 acre farm in Egyptian
  • Desert 135 kW array
  • 150 hp pump 30 kW solar array
  • Flow rate is 42,000 gallons per hour (159,000 liters)
  • Pivot irrigation technology
  • Water pumped from 657 foot well (200 meters)
  • Off grid – no electrical grid available

RoadRunner Tree Farm

  • 229 kW PV power system
  • 200 hp pump
  • 44 kW PV power system
  • Net metered
  • Farm’s electrical bill cut by 70%

Seley Ranch

  • 267 kW PV power system
  • 200 hp pump
  • Flow rate of 1,000 gallons (3,800 liters) of water per minute
  • Pumps water from 1,000 foot well 400 acres of citrus fruit irrigated
  • Sustainable power & water
  • Electricity bill reduction

Idyllwild Water District

  • 44.1 kW PV power system
  • IWD provides annually 100 million gallons of water to its customers
  • Site size approximately 2,500 acres
  • Site consists of 23 wells, water treatment plant, storage, distribution system and wastewater treatment plant
  • Saves IWD 70% on its electrical costs
  • Enhances IWD’s operations reliability


Quench Water & Solar

Meet the increasing demand for responsibly grown food using Quench Water & Solar’s mobile, solar-powered water purification systems.

Pump thousands of gallons of water per day to irrigate fields and keep livestock hydrated.

Worried about the quality of ground or surface water? Ensure the health of your crops and cattle using our systems’ patented fresh and salt water filtration.

Protect the environment, optimize your productivity and increase your profits with our unique software monitoring system.

Remotely track your system’s use of water and power, as well as it’s overall efficiency to maximize on your business’ potential.


Mobile MaxPure™
Mobile MaxClear™

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