Needs Water

Quench Water & Solar is a business that affords individuals, corporations and organizations the opportunity to create jobs, resilient communities, and promote water conservation by providing water as a service to the community of their choice.

Quench is one, powerful solution for the global water crisis. The World Health Organization, (WHO), reports that over 2 billion people globally lack access to clean water. Of that number, more than 77 million Americans receive contaminated drinking water from their public water systems annually. By operating their own businesses, Quench licensees create safe, reliable water sources for their customers and communities around the world.


Purified Water-As-A-Service is our business. By adopting the Quench Water & Solar business model, you are opening yourself up to a low-maintenance process that can produce up to 700% Return on Investment (ROI) after one year of operation. Clean drinking water is a commodity that will always be undervalued, and will continue to grow in importance. Our Licensees operate similarly to a franchise business, but benefit from the flexibility afforded by licensing. They can pump and purify water for drinking when they want, where they want, and at a fraction of the cost of bottled water.

Mobile MaxPure

This business model allows Licensees to provide any of the thousands of communities in USA, and hundreds of thousands abroad, with clean drinking. The systems could serve countless applications from music and food festivals, to food & industrial processing; or wherever purified/filtered water is needed.

Licensees become a part of the legacy of our parent company, WorldWater and Solar Technologies Inc. WorldWater is the longest operating solar and water engineering company in America. It has supplied solar array and water purification systems to over 30 countries for the past 30 years. The systems are patented to efficiently take any water source and purify it to drinking conditions within minutes; making them ideal for communities in disaster zones and those without easily accessible water sources.


  • Easy to use systems with user-friendly software
  • Return on Investment in as little as 6-weeks
  • Marketing and Maintenance support included
  • You decide locations, schedules, and price of output for ultimate flexibility
  • Financing options
  • Comprehensive training
  • Financing options


If you are in search of a gratifying and highly rewarding business that you can operate on your own time, WorldWater & Solar’s QUENCH is your answer.